What’s Your Main Event?

Everything must end.

So many moments on WWE Raw this past Monday pointed toward finality.

Daniel Bryan and Kane calling off their partnership. CM Punk and Paul Heyman ending their business relationship. Alberto Del Rio abandoning the fans. Mark Henry nearly retiring (before going back to being the most awesome man on the planet).

Nothing lasts forever in wrestling. No title reign. No undefeated streak. No partnership. No physique. No popularity. Nothing.

All manner of factors contribute to the fluid nature of wrestling. Constantly shifting storylines. Expiring contracts. Flip-flopping fans. Injuries. And, all too often, death.

The heroes and Hulks of my youth no longer stand tall. There are no Stones or Rocks which won’t be tumbled by time. If you enjoy something in the world of wrestling, enjoy it while it lasts.

God is eternal. We are not.

Your days are disappearing. Your time here is running out. You were not built to last.

How will you wrestle these days down to the mat?

What matchup does God have for you in this moment?

What opportunities are your main event right now?

Focus. Train. Fight. Your opponent of today may not be the same tomorrow. Hit today’s foes with your best finishing move and then worry about tomorrow when it comes. Tomorrow’s problems will take care of themselves. Tomorrow will bring new opportunities. You can focus on the now because you know your future is secure in God’s hands.

God is forever. You are not.

The bad times will end. The good times will pass too. Savor them. Celebrate them. Return each night no matter the outcome to the locker room of the Lord who will always be there for you.

Life will change you and surprise you and break your heart. Roll with the punches. Build your house on the rock instead of The Rock.

Let His forever be your fortitude when you face finality.

What’s your main event today? How can you ignore distraction to focus on today’s fleeting opportunities?


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