Bill Gates and The System Reboot

Bill-Gates-Bill-Melinda-Gates-FoundationA few weeks ago “60 Minutes” profiled Bill Gates. You know, the  founder of Microsoft, richest guy in the world, etc.

Check out the interview here if you haven’t yet. It’s worth your time.

Bill Gates may still be making all sorts of money from Microsoft, but the computer company doesn’t take much of his time now.

Currently he works with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation bringing life-saving vaccines to 3rd world countries who need them most.

It’s not that Bill Gates is using his fortunes to do charitable work that’s fascinating. What’s incredible is the level of innovation The Gates Foundation is involved in.

When the vaccines could not seem to stay cool because of a lack of reliable electricity, the Gates team helped pioneer a new refrigeration cooler which doesn’t need any electricity and stays cool for nearly 2 months.

A current project for the foundation is the reinvention of the toilet. The absence of clean plumbing is one of the key factors why there is a lack of clean water in so many impoverished areas. So The Gates Foundation challenged inventors around the world to create an efficient, waterless toilet. The ideas as seen in the “60 Minutes” story are amazing.

Leave your politics and preconceptions about Bill Gates by the side for a moment. Think about how incredible it is for scientists to be reinventing the toilet of all things in 2013.

Bill Gates tends to be pushed to the shadow of Steve Jobs when talking about technological pioneers. And as Bill is happy to admit, Jobs was a revolutionary creator and deserves all the accolades he receives.

But maybe we don’t give Bill Gates enough credit. He’s far from just a programming nerd. He’s no longer the wallflower at the software revolution party. He’s rebooted the story of his life by reinventing the way we fix problems in impoverished nations.

Is there something in your life that needs to be reinvented?

I’m not talking about a major career or relationship shift. I’m thinking of something you wouldn’t even realize you could improve upon – something like the toilet.

Is there a morning habit you could change to give yourself more time to work on your dream? Is there an evening habit you could change to give yourself a little more sleep?

Is there a TV show you’ve been watching every week out of routine that you could leave behind? Is there a food you could cut out of your diet? Is there a service you pay for every week or every month you could drop to save yourself a little money?

What is the “toilet” of your life?

One of the great truths of technology is how it is always evolving. It is never proud. It never shies from throwing old ideas away.

If you’re not satisfied with your life, change something. Don’t expect the world to change for you.

If it doesn’t work, keep trying. Power down and log in again. Trust in God’s ever present love to guide you along as you work out the details of reinvention. Never be satisfied.

What could you reinvent in your life this week? 


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