One Easy Way To Tell If You’re Crazy

Here’s a test to answer that looming question we all ask ourselves at one time or another – Am I crazy?:

Look in the mirror.

Do you see a reflection?

If yes, then you are crazy.

We’re all crazy in our own little ways. It’s just a matter of figuring out which type of crazy we are.SilverLiningsPlaybook_620x350

Silver Linings Playbook (the best movie I’ve seen from 2012) is a movie about mental illness, the different ways people cope with their craziness, and how they find the silver linings amidst all the negative turns life takes.

Everyone in the movie is unbalanced in their own special way. There’s Bradley Cooper’s bipolar divorcee, and Robert DeNiro’s obsessive-compulsive football fan, and Jennifer Lawrence’s unhinged widow. Even the psychiatrist waves his crazy flag as a face-painting Philadelphia Eagles fan.

I liked the movie so much because I think it’s pretty true to life. God didn’t make any person perfect. He created us all a little quirky.

Every individual is just that – a unique individual. The things that make us crazy make us who we are.

I’m not trying to make light of mental illness. But to think any one of us is normal? Well, that’s just…you know.

Jesus loves us in spite of our flaws. He loves us even though we can’t get it straight. His closest friends were crazy.

The disciples – the men closest to Christ who worked and learned from Him firsthand – could not overcome their craziness. One minute they were seeking wisdom straight from the Son of God. The next they were bickering over who would get the better seat in heaven.

The disciples didn’t spend their time practicing what Jesus preached; they argued over His parables. They woke Him up from rest when storms arose.

Jesus’s best friends were neurotic, obsessive, possessive, jealous, forgetful, bipolar – which gives us some hope.

Jesus cared for these imperfect people with all His heart. He didn’t maintain a perfect entourage. His closest confidants were colossal screw-ups.

Perfect is an illusion. You and I will never reach this mythical status. Silver Linings Playbook is a reminder of how everyone has their quirks, and how we come together as imperfect eccentrics in the family of God, all believing in something a little crazy.

Don’t look down on yourself for being crazy. Don’t let anyone else look down on you for your craziness. Embrace your quirks. Own them. When you feel like you’re too crazy to be useful, let your silver lining be the grace of Christ in your life.

What’s your quirk? How did God make you a little bit crazy? How do you come to terms with your craziness?


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