You Are Not Too Old

You are not too 2

How do I know? Because I’ve heard my grandfather play guitar.

He only knows a couple of songs. I think that’s understandable though, when you realize he just started playing a year ago. In his 80s.

He had never played an instrument before. Doesn’t have a musical background. He just always wanted to learn the guitar, so our family bought him one. And now he’s slowly strumming along, learning chords, and playing Silent Night for our family at Christmas. No big deal.735447_816797534725_292031469_o

When you say you don’t have time, when you say you can’t do something, think about my grandfather.

Think about Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan, still producing incredible music well into their 70s.

Think about this man from India who just ran his final marathon at 101 years old.

If you’re 101 years old, you are not too old to run a marathon.

If you’re 82 years old, you are not too old to learn to play the guitar.

If you’re 71 years old, you are not too old to record a brilliant album.

If you’re 50 years old, you are not too old to be forgiven.

If you’re 40 years old, you are not too old to go back to school.

If you’re 30 years old, you are not too old to find a partner.

If you’re 22 years old, you are not too old to switch majors and pursue a better career path.

If you’re 16 years old, you are not too old to live with child like joy.

You are never too old to change. If you are still alive, God is still working on you. He still has a purpose for you. There is still room for you to grow. There is still time to chase the passion of your heart.

You are never too far out of reach of God’s grasp. Don’t give up because you’ve been battling the same struggle of doubt, fear, addiction, or depression for more than half your life.

Change is still possible. Forgiveness is still at hand. You are still young enough to learn something new about God, about yourself, and about life.

You are not too old. Keep pressing on.

And Happy Birthday, Papa.

Leave a comment below. Tell the world what you’re not too old to do. Work on something today you’ve been putting off because you thought it was too late. 


3 thoughts on “You Are Not Too Old

  1. These are two wonderful people…so proud to have had them and their girls in my life…thanks for all you do!!!

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