Did Santa Claus Screw Up Your Psychology?



Santa Claus is a pretty messed up dude.

Morbidly obese. Unrepentant home invader. Does he even pay all those elves for their overtime?

Santa’s worst crime just might be how he’s forever screwed up our psychology.

Santa Claus operates on the code of the Naughty or Nice list. If kids behave all year they end up on the Nice list and are promised presents. If they end up on the Naughty list their stocking will be filled with coal.

This is a pretty genius tactic parents have used for generations to encourage their kids to behave well throughout the year.

As children we grow up with this psychology of getting rewarded for our good deeds. “Being Good = Presents” in our brains.

The problem comes when we confuse God with Santa Claus. Continue reading