Skip Work And Watch These Office Bloopers

dwight laugh

What did you think of “The Office” series finale last night? Was it everything you ever hoped for, or did it make you want to toss the series aside like a worthless piece of paper?

Whatever your thoughts, let’s celebrate what “The Office” gave us over the past 8 years. Let’s follow their lead in these blooper reels and laugh off all the mistakes and shortcomings. Let’s remember the good times and rejoice in this new day with an hour’s worth of giggles: Continue reading

The Office and The Quest For A Happy Ending


Not every story gets a happy ending.

After 8 years and nearly 200 episodes, I’m worried “The Office” will become one of those stories.

After dismissing the show when it first premiered as yet another soulless remake of a British series, I fell in love with the Dunder Mifflin drones through DVD  marathons of the first 3 seasons.

My friends and I watched and rewatched Jim’s slow and subtle courtship of Pam, Michael’s tasteless jokes, and Dwight’s beet-loving eccentricities over beach trips and long afternoons when we should have been studying instead.

Now with the finale airing tonight on at 8 PM on NBC, “The Office” comes to the end of its story. For diehard fans, this comes with disappointment and with relief. Continue reading