POP GOD POPcast: Episode 25 – Christmastravaganza With Kate Doriot


slide.001Welcome to Episode 25 of the POP GOD POPcast – a podcast interview series exploring the presence of God in pop culture.

To celebrate the 12 Blogs Of Christmas it’s the first ever POP GOD Christmastravaganza – a celebration of all things Christmas music! My wife Kate Doriot joins me to talk about our Christmas music memories, new Christmas songs for 2014 and everything in between. We break down the best and the worst holiday tunes of all time, explore the history of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and discover the surprising origins of a holiday gem. Is “Baby It’s Cold Outside” the creepiest Christmas song? Why do bad songs happen to good people? When is the appropriate time to listen to Christmas music? We answer all those questions and more on this merry music Christmastravaganza!

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You Can Be Awesome TODAY

Justin Timberlake is lazy. Here’s how you can tell:

How many Beatles songs can you name in ten seconds? (Go with me on this.)

Probably more than you can count on two hands. Can you believe the Fab Four recorded all those songs and countless other ones you know by heart in a span of about 7 years? A dozen of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll albums of all time, all created within just 7 years.

To contrast, Justin Timberlake – singer, producer, actor, all around king of the world – is releasing his eagerly-anticipated third album in March. He released his first solo effort back in 2002.

Just to clarify, that’s 3 Justin Timberlake albums in 11 years, as compared to 12 Beatles albums in 7 years.

What is wrong with that ratio? Continue reading