The Best Date I’ve Ever Had



The best date I ever had was in the third grade.

It wasn’t all that romantic. It took place at Q-Zar Laser Tag Center.

And I didn’t go on the date with my grade school crush. I went with my dad.

Part of what made this date so special is that my dad didn’t ask me out in advance. He surprised me.

One day, during school, I got called up to the office. “Alex, your dad is here to pick you up,” the voice beckoned over the intercom.

I was confused. I did not remember having a dentist appointment, family vacation, or any other reason to be called out of school. Besides, it was typically my mom who would take me out to do those things.

But there was my father, standing in the office, signing me out for the afternoon. I think I waited until we were buckled up in the car, out of the parking lot and in the clear, to ask my dad where we were going.

That’s when he told me that we were going to play laser tag. In the middle of a school day. Just the two of us. Not for my birthday. Not for good grades. Just for fun. Continue reading

Why I Love Fake Things

I learned the truth when I was about 6-years-old.

I was watching a video in the bedroom while my parents had friends over. My father came in and he just couldn’t take it anymore.

He had to tell me the truth – the truth about wrestling.

20110907_past_ss_1990_r“You know it’s fake, right? It’s all planned out and scripted,” he told me about the hulking superstars I had recently become obsessed with.

Funny, though. The revelation didn’t bother me. Even at a young age, I simply shrugged and went back to watching Randy Savage drop elbows. Continue reading

Homer Simpson: Father Of The Year

Homer Simpson. Always a model for fatherhood. Why, just in this clip above, he shows us 3 of the most important characteristics of a great father.

A father always makes time to give advice to his child. A father is always ready to teach his child. A father is willing to endure extreme pain for his child.

Ok, so he’s not always perfect. But he does what he can with what he has.

As long as you’re doing your best with your kids and not giving up, you should be commended. If you’re at least as good a dad as Homer Simpson then you have reason to celebrate this Father’s Day.

Relax and rejoice. The children of the world appreciate you. No one knows exactly how to do what you’re doing. But we’re glad you’re trying.

Happy Father’s Day.