The One Wise Way To Stay Merry At Christmas

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Could you be merry around Ernest?

Imagine having to deal with all your Christmas woes – buying the presents, wrapping the presents, balancing all the parties, balancing your budget, watching your weight, putting up with your family – and then having to deal with a neighbor like Ernest P. Worrell. Continue reading


The Importance Of Being Ernest P. Worrell

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Ernest P. Worrell may be the most earnest man in the world.

Yes, he’s always interrupting Vern at the most inopportune times, causing chaos along the way. But he’s just trying to help.

Ernest is easily inspired with awe for the wonderful deals and products he discovers. He wants Vern to share in these blessings.

Be as earnest as Ernest today. Don’t be afraid to interrupt someone’s life with a surprise blessing. And try not to close your life off to the Ernests who bring cheer into your day.

An interruption of blessing is not an interruption. It’s an intervention – a rescue mission to recover the possibilities of the day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice in that day with the spirit of Ernest. Know what I mean?

Happy Friday.