The Beautiful Compassion Of The Record Store (A Post For Record Store Day 2016)

View More: trip to the record store these days is an act of compassion. 

Sure there are plenty of new releases out on vinyl. In fact vinyl records are the fastest growing sales segment in the music industry.

But most record stores fill the majority of their shelves with vintage LPs. These are the records that get traded in by people who have no use for them anymore.

Maybe they inherited a collection from their parents or grandparents and they’re just not that into music. Or maybe they’ve played the records a million times and just aren’t into the bands anymore. Or maybe they thought vinyl died out 30 years ago.

For whatever reason they don’t see any use for the old Cat Stevens or Doobie Brothers albums. They look at vinyl records as an outdated format just taking up space in their attic.

Yet when I and other collectors come in to a record store we see the value in the classic pieces of wax. Continue reading


Monday Morning Music: Jesus Is Just Alright

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“Do do do do, do do do do,

Do do do do, do do oh yeah”

If you’ve ever listened to classic rock radio, you recognize the riff from The Doobie Brothers classic “Jesus Is Just Alright”.

I’ve always thought the song was pleasant enough but never really understood it. Like so much of what’s on the radio it was one of those songs where you just kind of hum along but don’t try to dig too deep into the lyrics.

“Is the song about how these guys are cool with Jesus? Or are they saying Jesus is just ‘o.k’ and they’re not too interested in what he has to say?” These are the questions I had about the song. 

After I heard the tune on the radio the other day I decided to finally do a little research. I think what I found might surprise you. And I think it might be an important reminder as you begin your work week this Monday. Continue reading