The Santa Clause Commission

still-of-tim-allen-in-the-santa-clause-1994-large-pictureWhat if I told you “The Santa Clause” was a pretty perfect metaphor for our calling as disciples of Jesus?

You remember the plot of “The Santa Clause”, the 1994 Christmas film starring Tim Allen? Old St. Nick arrives on the roof of a man named Scott Calvin’s house only to trip and fall to his death. Calvin checks on Santa, puts on his garb and finishes his route.

After the night is over Calvin visits the North Pole and finds out, due to a hidden clause,  he is actually obligated to become the new Santa. Despite his protests he actually begins transforming into Santa over the course of the year to hilarious effect.

“The Santa Clause” is arguably a Christmas classic at this point (despite the two abysmal sequels which followed it). But is there really a deeper message hidden inside the holiday fluff? Continue reading


How To Avoid A Home Alone Christmas

MV5BMTUzMzg4MTg2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNDM4OTk4._V1_SX640_SY720_“Home Alone” is one of the great under-the-radar Christmas movies.

Much like “Die Hard” or “The Family Stone”, “Home Alone” isn’t overwhelmingly holiday-themed. What we really remember about the movie are Kevin’s hijinks fighting off the Wet Bandits, his adventures roaming about town on his own and quotes like, “Keep the change, ya filthy animals.”

But I think the story of “Home Alone” makes a great metaphor for the Advent season. Continue reading