Surf Like A Dog

(Click Here if you can’t see the video above.)

It’s Friday.

The summer is almost over.

Why don’t you go for an adventure today?

Try something the world says you shouldn’t be able to do.

Swim outside of your boundaries.

Have fun beyond your species.

Do something wild just to make your heart smile.  You never know who might be watching. You never know who you’ll inspire just with your sense of adventure.

Surf like a dog.

Happy Friday.


We Hate To Wait

It’s hard to live life from the couch. But I feel like that’s where The Roc and I have been stuck the past month.

That’s my dog The Roc on the left. He’s an old miniature pinscher I adopted a couple years ago. Last month he had surgery to remove an infected toe, a cyst above his eye, and a growth inside his mouth.

He’s had a rough time of recovering from surgery. We’ve been back to the vet nearly a dozen times since then.  Just when one area seems to heal up a new problem arises.

My heart breaks for him. He’s not meant to be stuck on the couch with a cone on his head. He’s meant to explore and go on adventures. It’s hard to thrive when you can’t get away from the doctor’s office. Continue reading