How To Live In 3D

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works

I always take my glasses off during 3D movies. Just for a second, you know?

I’m not sure why or when I started doing this. For a few seconds though I like to see the unfocused version of the movie. Am I the only one who does this?

Maybe it helps me appreciate how incredible the actual technology and picture is.

The whole 3D process is kind of amazing. The images projected on the screen combined with the special glasses trick your eyes into seeing something that isn’t quite there. (Here’s a scientific look at the process from How Stuff Works)

What fascinates me is that the content of a 3D movie doesn’t change whether you wear glasses or not – just your outlook on it. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Black And White God

the-artistWith such loud and showy movies as “Gravity”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, and “American Hustle” battling it out for Best Picture at The Academy Awards this year, it’s amazing to look back at the big award winner of 2012.

2 years ago “The Artist”, a black and white (and mostly silent) film took home Best Picture at The Oscars.

“The Artist” was a true throwback to the golden days of Hollywood. It was the first black and white film to win Best Picture in 50 years.

Black and white films resonate with people in ways color ones never will. Black and white speaks to something in the soul. It sparks memories of the olden days when life seemed simpler.

Black and white is simple. It is story and beauty at its most basic. There is something true in it.

Yet black and white movies are intimidating to some people. Some people won’t watch a movie if it’s in black and white. They think it’s outdated. As if a movie needs to have color and sound and CGI to be worth watching. Continue reading